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Length x Width
1 Foot Gable Overhangs?
Seamless Gutters & Down Spouts?
Attic Storage (Room Truss)?
Porch or Lean-To?
(if so provide size below)
Garage or Barn doors *
Insulation In Doors? *
Windows In Doors? *
Entry Doors?
Entry Door - Single (3/0) Or Double (6/0)?
Windows throughout the building?
3' x 3' are Standard.
Concrete Floor?
(Standard is 4" concrete, 4" stone and wire reinforcement)
Wall Insulation?
Wall Liner Material? (Steel is recommended)
Ceiling Insulation?
Ceiling Liner Material? (Steel is recommended)
Snowbirds On Roof Steel? (recommended)
Wainscoting? (typical is 36" high)
Does the proposed building site have at least 20' of clearance on all 4 sides?
Date Building Is Needed By:
Date Building Is Needed By:
Any Excavation Needed?
If yes, please explain a little about what is needed


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